Welcome to Brazilian Coffee House & Restaurant Goiano

Dear Cuisine’s lovers, do you want to try Brazilian cuisine? The Restaurant Tempero Goiano bring the specialties from Brazilian Cuisine.

We are proud to invite you to come to our restaurant and taste our special dishes, the buffet  and the pastries - Click here and print our discount coupon.

Foods of Brazilian Cuisine
Feijoada – Feijoada is a national dish of Brazil which made of stew beans with beef and pork. Feijoada is brought to Brazil by the Portuguese during the Portuguese colonized on 16 century.
Coxinha – Coxinha is a popular Brazilian snack which made of shredded chicken and spices then enclosed in wheat flour. The deep fried Coxinha is delicious and crispy in term of mouth feel. 
Open 7 Days / 5am-9pm

12221 San Pablo Ave - Richmond, CA 94805
(510) 237-9000
Serving the best of brazilian cuisine!

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